Get a Sourcing Agent Service
Are you tired of spending hours and hours sourcing products on Would you like to get your own Chinese Sourcing Agent that can negotiate deals for you to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars? Let Ensign Sourcing Services help.
Consulting and other services
No idea of your Chinese business trip ? In addition to our Get a Sourcing Agent/Quality Control/Sample Consolidation services, we also provide services which assistance with you do the most detailed and efficient visit in China.
Quality Control Service
Do you concern about your product have a lot of problems when you receive them ? We perform inspection, analysis problems, and solve quality issues for you before shipping. We are your eyes in your China factories.
Sample Consolidation Service
Have you spent a lot of time and money to ship your samples from your different suppliers ( one by one )? We collect your samples from different suppliers in China and consolidate them into one shipment to you, so as to save your shipping cost and time.

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